tiistai 14. heinäkuuta 2015

K: I'm going home

Little things that I look forward to in Finland

Getting that first hug from my family after 11 months

Going home to my own room and sleeping in my own bed

Laughing with my friends again

Speaking Finnish

Having the awesome food that my dad makes

Driving my scooter

Seeing my grandparents

Eating fresh strawberries

And of course:

Going to sauna

Having rye bread

Having a pear ice cream

Simply just being home again

Little things I'll miss about Canada

The card games with my first host family

Watching movies together and cuddling with the cats in my second host family

The warmth and closeness of my third host family

Listening to Oh Canada every morning at school

My locker

The busy high school hallways

Lunch time with my friends

Natalie's chalkboard masterpieces in arts and grafts class

Funny warm ups in vocals class

Drinking hot chocolate in parenting class after a cold walk to school

The delicious breakfasts at Rotary meetings every Friday

Walking to and from school and greeting the familiar crossing guards

Going to the movies with my friends

Having blizzards, talking and laughing with Amanda

Everyone laughing at my inability to say the word squirrel correctly

People calling me the foreigner and making me feel special and different

The race to Trenton to get Timmies at lunch without being late to class


People asking me fun and only sometimes stupid questions about Finland

Going shopping and getting a Starbucks at the book store

The school dances

Taking the train to Toronto and exploring the city

My D7070 exchange student family

If I scheduled this correctly, when this is posted I'm up in the air, on my flight back home to Finland. My year here in Canada has been absolutely amazing, I couldn't have wished for anything more. A huge thank you to the Brighton Rotary club for taking such good care of me and all the rotarians who were willing to take me to see all the great things in Canada. Also a big thank you to my three excellent host families, than you for taking me in and letting me be a member of your family. I'm also very grateful to my own family and friends back home in Finland, who have supported and waited for me; I'll see you all soon! To all my friends in Canada, the exchange students or my friends in school, I wish you all the best in the future, I really hope we can stay in touch and you all have a place to stay if you ever find yourself in Finland!

Thank you Canada! I'll have to come back soon, eh?

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